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We like to work with  our customers, to get their input on what they need for their job.

We  will explain to you the steps needed to get the best foundation for your home, because as you know, the foundation of your home, like the foundation of your life is the most important thing, as this is the major stability of everything that sits on it.

Jobs include :  house pads. driveways, plain old filling in holes etc. Nothing too small or too big.

HOUSEPADS:   First, you should always remove the topsoil from your lot.As you know, topsoil is very soft and not a good medium for a strong foundation.  We always push this valuable dirt to the side so you can use it for landscaping later.  

Fill Dirt :    Second, you should build a strong foundation with good fill dirt, which is clay dirt that packs down to a very hard consistency. We always use Mr. Wayne Dartez for dozer work and all tractor work . This gentleman knows his stuff.  When the clay pad is down you can be assured it is compacted very well.

Sand :  The next step is , of course the sand. We always use a good quality sand  that is easily moved and creates a good foundation for the chain walls and other prep work for the concrete slab As you can see, we also use other trucks to help us with our jobs. In this economy we try to help each other.....  .